5 Must-Have Accessories for Your E-Scooter Ride 

Electric scooters have grown tremendously in popularity in the past few years. Recent market research by Statista indicates that electric scooters have become the preferable mode fibahub of transportation for millions in different countries, with the scooter market in Australia projected to hit USD 31.5 million in 2024. 

Like any motor vehicle, an electric scooter’s performance and safety mainly depends on the quality of its accessories. Fortunately, there are numerous e-scooter accessories designed to improve your riding experience.  

This article shall highlight the five essential accessories every electric scooter enthusiast must have. 

1. Helmet 

A helmet is arguably the most important safety equipment for electric scooter riders.  

Getting into an accident may be the last thing on your mind when you mount an e-scooter. But in the unfortunate event, the fitting helmet can cushion the most sensitive part of your body – the head – from physical injuries.  

An electric scooter helmet is particularly important when off-roading.  

It’s also worth noting that riding an e-scooter without a helmet is a road safety violation punishable by law in most jurisdictions. So, there’s more than enough reason to hit the nearest e-scooter store and purchase a premium electric scooter helmet.  

Thousand® Helmet comes highly recommended when searching for reliable electric scooter helmets. This product sports a simple design and vintage look, providing an excellent blend of safety and style. It comes in three sizes and various color options to suit different tastes.  

In terms of performance, the Thousand® Helmet comes with durable and adjustable nylon straps. It also features a secret, anti-theft PopLock design and up to 7 vents to keep you cool during high-speed rides. 

2. Strap-on Bag 

A common challenge many electric scooter enthusiasts face is how to safely ride with their everyday carry (EDC) items.  

But with a strap-on bag, you no longer have to worry about losing your valuables while cruising in your e-scooter.  

Durability and waterproofness are key factors when shopping for an e-scooter’s strap-on bag. Since you’ll be riding outdoors, it’s best to insist on a bag reinforced with waterproof and anti-UV materials.  

Apollo Front Strap-on Bag is an excellent pick for e-scooter strap-on bags. The product features a waterproof exterior for maximum moisture resistance when riding in rainy or snowy conditions. It also comes with four Velcro straps that allow it to effortlessly strap onto your scooter’s stem.  

Apollo Front Strap-on Bag’s interior features dividers and pockets to help you organize your EDCs. The bag is compatible with all Apollo scooter models, making it one of the most versatile e-scooter strap-on bags on the market.  

3. Riding Gloves 

Riding gloves are another must-have electric scooter safety accessory. They are essential if you frequently go on long commutes.  

A nice pair of gloves provides maximum grip while cruising in your e-scooter. It improves steering and maneuverability by keeping your hands firmly on the handlebar.  

Electric scooter gloves also minimize the risks of blisters caused by the friction between your palms and the handlebars. While riding without gloves can toughen your hands, it’s safer to begin with gloves when you’re new to e-scooters or motorcycles.  

Gloves also help to keep your hands warmer when riding in winter.  

Now, riding gloves are some of the most abundant electric scooter accessories. But as already hinted, it’s important to buy a pair of gloves that provides maximum grip.  

Be sure to also pick properly sized gloves. That may require fitting the products before purchasing them. 

4. Seat Cover 

Seat covers primarily help to keep your electric scooter seat clean and dust-free. Many covers are also designed with sturdy materials to protect an e-scooter seat from scratches, abrasions, and normal wear.  

Like strap-on bags, it’s prudent to insist on an electric scooter seat cover made from weatherproof materials.  

Remember that the cover remains exposed to the elements when your scooter is parked. So, it needs to be protected from harsh weather conditions like rain and sun damage.  

Seasoned electric scooter riders also cite ease of maintenance as a critical consideration when scouting for e-scooter seat covers. The product should be made from fabrics that are easy to clean, such as leather.  

Lastly, the size and color of an electric scooter’s seat cover may determine its suitability for your needs. Go for a cover that matches the size of your e-scooter seat. As for the color, consider duller shades for their dirt-masking abilities. 

5. First-aid Kit 

A first-aid kit is an essential electric scooter safety accessory besides helmets and gloves. That’s especially considering the rising cases of e-scooter accidents.  

But contrary to what you might think, a first-aid kit isn’t only necessary for addressing grievous injuries caused by grisly scooter accidents.  

The tool may come in handy in relieving common problems like fatigue and blisters. It may also be useful in dislodging minor injuries caused when riding on rough terrains, such as thorny bushes and rocky patches.  

You could also use a first-aid kit to store common e-scooter maintenance accessories, such as a puncture kit. That’s especially true if you don’t already have a dedicated storage bag for such items. 

A typical electric scooter first-aid kit should have bandages, gauze, tweezers, and antiseptic creams.  

Wrap Up 

Investing in high-quality electric scooter accessories is a proactive way to enhance your riding safety and experience. The above-listed items should rank top on your e-scooter accessory checklist.  

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