Optimizing Performance Titan Spray Gun Parts Overview


Titan is the next-level manufacturer of different sprayers and parts for the spraying industry. Because of the reliability of its products, people trust Titan. Among different things, titan spray guns are very important ones. Titan spray gun parts are useful for the projects. One must have detailed knowledge about the Titan spray gun parts so that they choose the perfect one according to their need. In this blog, we will explore the Titan spray guns and their important parts. 

Important Titan Spray Gun Parts

  1. Fingerprint Grip

FingerPrint Grip is a very important Titan spray gun part. You must know that the gun you are choosing has its fingerprint grip customizable to your hand size. There is a variation of small, medium, and large.

  1. Swivel

For any painting professional, the swivel is a very important part to be considered because all the comfort depends on the swivel shape. 

  1. Customizable Handle

The handle is the complex part of all the Titan spray gun parts. Because some people like big handles while some like small. So choose wisely according to your choice fibahub

  1. Ladder and Chair Hook

Those guns that have a good ladder and chair lock are the favorite of the painters. Because they don’t have to go somewhere to place the gun. It can easily be placed on a chair or ladder because of this hook.

  1. Built-in Filter Removal Tool

Know About The Variety Of Spray Guns And Their Parts

Titan is an industry leader in manufacturing the guns for the spraying technology. You will find a full range of Titan guns for every application imaginable. Now we will share different types of guns that are the top manufacturing of Titan.

  1. Red Series Airless Guns And Its Parts

It is known for the best grip with a two and four-finger trigger. If you want an airless spray gun with a comfortable grip, it is the best choice. The pressure is rated to be 3600 psi (24.88MPa). It has an extra 3 whip hoses. 

  1. RX Pro Airless Spray Gun And Its Parts

The big problem most people face is the harder trigger. Different guns have varying Titan spray gun parts.  A lot of continuous force is needed for the trigger. But Titan understands all your issues, so here it is the gun with a 30 percent lighter trigger. If you compare this gun with the guns of competitors then you will come to know about the difference. Moreover, again there is a big benefit that you can customize the grip according to the painter’s hand. It also comes with both two and four-finger triggers. 

  1. RX Apex Airless Spray Gun And Its Parts

Now let’s explore what are the reasons that make this gun the best choice. This gun has the extraordinary thing that it requires 74 percent less holding force. Whereas if you are worried about the force required for the trigger pull then it is 28 percent lighter. It has only two finger triggers, no option is available for the 4 finger trigger. 

  1. Entry Level Contractor Airless Guns And Its Parts

Titan offers two different guns for entry-level contractors. One is the LX-40 Airless Gun and the other is the LX-50 Airless Gun. It is constructed of metal. The manufacturers are so clever that they have used the carbide ball for the long life of the guns. 

  1. S-Series: Spray Specialized Coatings with Ease
  2. S-7 Airless Gun And Its Parts

S-7 Airless Gun Is the best choice for specialized coatings. It has very good Titan spray gun parts. Two different swivel sizes are available. These swivels reduce the hose kinks. A remarkable benefit is that it has a heavy-duty reversible tip. 

  1. S-3 Airless Gun And Its Parts

Just imagine spraying using a four-finger trigger. The S-3 airless spray gun is manufactured with a four-finger trigger for those who want a stronger grip. The one-by-4-inch swivel reduces the hose kinks. Like the previous guns, this S3 airless gun also has a pressure rated at 3900 PSI. Choose this awesome gun for the fine finishing to the harshest coatings you will see extraordinary effects.

  1. GM 3600 Pro-Gun And Its Parts

GM 3600 pro-gun is a gun that works with two different types of tips: the first step is the standard reversible tape and the second tip is the brilliant flat tip.  If you are searching for a comfortable best economic design then no gun is better than the GM 3600 pro gun. You know the best thing about this gun is that it offers you multiple features and it never sacrifices the fine finish quality.  Those who love clean coating can choose this stainless steel GM 3600 pro-gun.  Like all other guns, the pressure is related at 3600 psi. 

  1. M-4 and M-8 Mastic Guns And Its Parts

Titan engineers have manufactured the handle to the angled not stray or sure because the angled handle always provides comfort to the painting expert. you know it has an adjustable needle packing and you would love to know what is the benefit of this needle packing. Let me tell you that this adjustable needle packing is for the long life and durability of different very important critical parts. The swivel is manufactured in a way that allows freedom of movement without any kinking of the hose and ease. 


In conclusion, titan spray gun parts are an extraordinary manufacturing. If you want to have a perfect and fine finish of the paint then you must choose the Titan spray guns. There are a variety of choices for you. The spray gun parts are customizable for ease and comfort. 

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