Apple iPhones to Androids Best Brands/Models of Used Mobiles in UAE

The speedy technology world still fascinates the consumer need for smart phones as users want to own the new versions and features. Nevertheless, this alternative is not accessible to everyone because old phones are very expensive. Thus, there are a lot of people using second-hand phones that are very popular in the used mobile phone market. Used mobile phones are in high demand in the UAE which has a free flowing e-waste market and consumer population that passes with technology fibahub.

One can find a multitude of brands and models that steer buyers toward more reliable smartphone options – such as iPhones and Android – when availing a discount. To start with, we will discuss the best carriers and types of used mobiles in UAE, learning about their functions and the benefits of owning them.

Apple iPhone: The Iconic Choice

People across the UAE still have an inclination towards the IPhones when they want to buy a used mobile item. iPhone models are admired for their swift design, great performance, and simple-to-survive interface, which allows them to retain more of their original value even after they enter the used market.

iPhones like the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max consist of a fantastic team that are continually being admired by users who want high-end features without a hefty bill. With an overwhelming 80% market share, iPhones are the epitome of mobile devices in the UAE, backed by a pulsating resell market and an unbreakable network of accessories and assisting services.

Samsung Galaxy: The Android Alternative

If the iPhone doesn’t run with Android, then you can go with Samsung Galaxy models which offer an equally attractive option instead of iPhones. Their mobile devices have a good reputation due to their latest technology, innovative design and high features which are widely requested in the UAE by Samsung Galaxy mobiles. Samsung Addressed Phones of different price ranges by launching Galaxy s20, note20, and a71, offering a balance of performance and affordability at the same time. Encompassing both a vast inventory of refurbished units and a very customer followed brand Samsung Galaxy remains a very sturdy competitor in the secondhand mobile market.

Huawei: The Rising Star

In the past years, Huawei being one of the key players on the global smartphone market has had an amazing lineup of devices boasting advanced technology. The company has been really successful at it. UAE is a country with a large number of Huawei mobile users however, the company has encountered many difficulties in the global market; nevertheless it is still able to sell its used devices.

These models as Huawei P40 Pro, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, and Huawei Nova 7i serve the influx of buyers with its distinctive attributes, great cameras and competitively priced. Through implementing the key points of innovation and design, Huawei seeks for a chance to gain a foothold in the secondary mobile market and to increase brand awareness in the UAE.

OnePlus: The Flagship Killer

If you are a tech enthusiast looking for a device which has high performing select chain operations and is also pocket friendly, you may love OnePlus’s cell phones. A typecast for OnePlus is quality, performance,removing bloatwares and reasonably priced as one the well-built mobile brands in the UAE. These features have made OnePlus Devices to stand out from the rest and win consumers’ hearts. Cosmetics like OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 7T, and OnePlus Nord know how to match flagship specifications with affordable prices.

This is the reason they have become the desired phones amongst those who have the constraints on their budget. Through their barriers to innovation and value, OnePlus keep on changing the definition of the second-hand mobile market used, and draw followers of discriminating consumers.

Google Pixel: The Photography Powerhouse

Safety-minded individuals usually Christen Google Pixel smartphones highly referring to the superb photos quality. With the complex camera setup and software updates, the latest Pixel phones are a fastidious rank android device in the field of photography including 3D modelling and video capturing. Some mobile devices such as the Google Pixel 5, Pixel 4a, as well as Pixel 3 XL, create excellent camera performance and reasonable prices.

Therefore, they make perfect choices for people in the UAE who select used models. It delivers a strong visibility through its focus on photography, processing capacity as well as it removes the need for multiple software in order to give users a pure Android experience.

Where to Buy Used Mobiles in UAE

In the UAE, used mobile phones can be purchased through shopping sites such as Dubizzle and Souq in which buyers can select which handily suits them from options displayed, compare prices and negotiate with sellers themselves. In particular, certain shops devoted to second hand electronic devices are also available to give personal inspection and testing of such devices.

Besides the well-known online retailers such as Wise Market, Noon, and Amazon, refurbished items could be purchased with either delivery options or the option of online shopping. Some producers offer to recertify which is an initiative for the used phones recovery and quality, among others. The best place to hook up with useful deals on used mobiles is newspaper classified ads that are made available by local publications.


From iPhones to Androids, the UAE second hand market offers many choices of brands and models to satisfy the taste and choice among people regardless of the price range. No matter if you are content with the classic designs of iPhone, the exciting functions of Samsung Galaxy, the highly technological devices from Huawei, the budget mobiles from OnePlus, or photography features of Pixel, you will all conceive the mobile market to be vibrant.

The UAE mobile market is fast, the best brand and model is available to consumers and can evaluate their needs and preferences to find the perfect used mobile for all users, dynamically and competitively.

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